Career profile

Polymechanics (Polymechaniker EFZ) manufacture workpieces, manufacture tools and devices for production and assemble equipment, devices, machines and installations. Together with other professionals, they process jobs or projects, develop design solutions and create technical documents and/or build prototypes and conduct tests. They work with commissioning, planning and monitoring of production processes or undertake maintenance work.  

Basic requirements

Polymechanics enjoy physics and are interested in how technology works. They have a good sense of spatial design. Multi-skilled mechanics are by nature precise, thorough and meticulous. They have endurance and patience, are interested in metal processing and are happy to work on machines. They are strong at manual tasks and free from allergies to metals, fats and oils. This demanding course of training generally requires the highest upper-level qualifications. Knowledge of English is an advantage.

Duration: 4 years

Global Group
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