Interchangeable and highly complex cutting insert geometry
Basic Data

The PROFILE LINE CNC tool grinding machine is suitable for efficient production of highly complex interchangeable cutting insert geometries.

It can handle sintered indexable insert blanks from an internal diameter of 3 mm and a outer diameter of up to 50 mm; rotation-symmetric tools of lengths from 1 to 100 mm can be handled efficiently. The  integrated flexible FANUC  6-axis robot is responsible for this high efficiency and autonomous shift-working operation of the machine. The CNC tool grinding machine has a small footprint, making the most of the typically limited available production space.


Portal design

The solid WALTER portal design, with its high weight and extreme stiffness, transfers the strong dynamics of the digital drive into a low-vibration machine for precision grinding.

Linear axes

Linear axes X, Y, Z with ball-type linear drive Maximum travel speed is 15m/min.

Glass scale

The CNC tool grinder has glass scales for linear resolution of 0.0001 mm for high positioning accuracy.

Hollow shaft motor

The new optional A axis hollow shaft motor extends the potential applications to include cylindrical grinding of up to 750 min-1.

Hardware / Software
  • Flexible 6-axis robot
  • Grinding wheel changer
Technical Data
kg / cm
lb / inches

Linear Axes

Max. Travel X 330 mm
Max. Travel Speed X 15'000 mm/min
Max. Travel Y 200 mm
Max. Travel Speed Y 15'000 mm/min
Max. Travel Z 470 mm
Max. Travel Speed Z 15'000 mm/min

Spindle drive

Max. Spindle Power 9 kW
Max. Number Of Revolutions 10'500 /min
Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter 150 mm

Swiveling Axes

Swiveling Range A ∞ °
Swiveling Range C 400 °

Workpiece Data

Workpiece Length 0 - 50 mm
Workpiece Diameter 3 - 50 mm
Max. Workpiece Weight 1 kg

Linear Axes

Max. Travel X 12,992 inch
Max. Travel Speed X 591 inch/min
Max. Travel Y 7,874 inch
Max. Travel Speed Y 591 inch/min
Max. Travel Z 18,504 inch
Max. Travel Speed Z 591 inch/min

Spindle drive

Max. Spindle Power 9,000 hp
Max. Number Of Revolutions 10.500,000 rpm
Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter 150,000 inch

Swiveling Axes

Swiveling Range A ∞ deg
Swiveling Range C 400 deg

Workpiece Data

Workpiece Length 0 - 1,969 inch
Workpiece Diameter 0,118 - 1,969 inch
Max. Workpiece Weight 2,2 lbs
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