Production Monitor – your digital overview

Production Monitor provides you with a reliable 24/7 monitoring service. Run-times and auxiliary times, production quantities, and downtimes times are displayed in real-time. The Production Monitor is the ideal tool for optimizing machine utilization.

  • Monitor your machines' current states, at any time and from anywhere
  • Data to optimize availability and capacity
  • Improved transparency to identify production backlogs at an early stage

The Production Monitor displays all machines for which a license has been activated.

  • Production overview of all machines connected to the Customer Cockpit
  • Evaluations of the production data of all machines of the last 30 days, incl. log file export of all signals
  • Production trend across the entire site, departments, and individual machines 
  • Detailed view for individual machines
  • Individual shift planning
  • Integration of third-party machines is possible using umati data
  • Smart overview of current operating states
  • Evaluation of productivity benchmarks over different time periods 
  • Individual export of machine data
  • Dashboard runs on PC / laptop / tablet / Digital Solutions app

Available Data

Digital Solutions app – your mobile control center

The Digital Solutions app makes it easy to monitor machinery and production. Service Requests can be triggered quickly and easily directly via the app.

The Digital Solutions app runs on all standard smartphones and is available in the Google Play Store or the Apple  App Store.

  • Overview of your connected machines
  • Production overview per machine for the current day
  • Service Request, with data attachment
  • Status tracking for Service Request
  • Alarming and push notifications
  • Using a simplified version of Production Monitor and Remote Service
  • Overview of current operating states
  • Help is just a push of a button away: Regardless of time and place, Service Requests can be initiated simply and easily

Conference Center app

The Conference Center is available in the Customer Cockpit or in our Conference Center app. For machines with C.O.R.E. technology, this functionality is also directly on the C.O.R.E. panel.

The app features text, video, and voice chat functions. It also contains a whiteboard for exchanging technical information about the affected machine. Our Customer Care technicians can draw suggested remedial steps directly onto the photos provided by the machine operator and provide graphic support for work steps.

The Conference Center app runs on all common smartphones and is available in the Google Play Store.

Customer Cockpit – your digital command center

The Customer Cockpit forms the basis for all UNITED GRINDING Digital Solutions™ service products and is required once per site.

  • Central management of linked machines
  • Central management of users and authorizations
  • Access to all UNITED GRINDING Digital Solutions™ services and dashboards
  • Regular and free software updates

With the Customer Cockpit, you have access to all of a site's connected machines, as well as central user management. The Customer Cockpit is available in a desktop variant.