Production Monitor – your digital overview

Production Monitor provides you with a reliable 24/7 monitoring service. Run-times and auxiliary times, production quantities, and downtimes times are displayed in real-time. The Production Monitor is the ideal tool for optimizing machine utilization.

  • Monitor your machines' current states, at any time and from anywhere
  • Data to optimize availability and capacity
  • Improved transparency to identify production backlogs at an early stage

The Production Monitor displays all machines for which a license has been activated.

  • Production overview of all machines connected to the Customer Cockpit
  • Evaluations of the production data of all machines of the last 30 days, incl. log file export of all signals
  • Production trend across the entire site, departments, and individual machines 
  • Detailed view for individual machines
  • Individual shift planning
  • Integration of third-party machines is possible using umati data
  • Smart overview of current operating states
  • Evaluation of productivity benchmarks over different time periods 
  • Individual export of machine data
  • Dashboard runs on PC / laptop / tablet / Digital Solutions app

Available Data